It is almost incredulous to think that the holidays are just around the corner. But, here we are at that time of year again, where the gift buying takes over and our fitness goals start re-emerging.

Let’s face it: We promise ourselves every year that this is the year we will finally get in the shape that we want. January is usually pretty successful, February is hopeful, but then we start to fall away from our original plans.

One of the reasons that I have found to be most common in unfulfilled fitness goals is the idea of having to go somewhere to accomplish them -- a gym, per say. We are a busy society made up of work, children, school, and cooking dinners, and who honestly has time to squeeze in the gym through all of that?

However, there is hope. What you DO have time for is jumping on a treadmill or elliptical trainer at the beginning or end of your day. Having a piece of equipment right there in your own home, you would have to try pretty hard to come up with an excuse to not get a quick workout in. And because we have already shifted many of our other hobbies to be done right from our living room, why not include exercising as well? Instead of having to get in your car and go somewhere (especially in the cold winter months), you can get cozy by the fire with your new exercise machine.

What makes working out from home even more appealing is that exercise equipment has become much easier to buy online. You can find out ratings and reviews of treadmills on sites such as or Or, check out the great reviews on, where the Yowza Miami, Islamorada, Captiva, Sanibel, and Pompano elliptical trainers are featured. This website is one of my personal favorite, because the reviews give a great amount of detail on what to look for when buying an elliptical, as well as what each specific machine offers.

If I haven’t sold you on the time you will save while being able to thoroughly accomplish your fitness goals, another great thing about owning a treadmill or elliptical trainer is that most of them have come a long way in assembly and saving space. Our very own Yowza Sebring was voted Best Compact Treadmill on Treadmill Doctor for 2014, not to mention the Yowza Lido with second runner-up. So if your concern is a big bulky machine staring at your dinner guests, you can purchase something that has the ability to be compact, convenient, and again, right at home. The Lido even comes fully assembled so you can go from box to workout in less than 5 minutes! And if it’s an elliptical trainer you’ve got your eye on, most are easily transportable so you can move them from room to room as needed.

So really, there is no need to make excuses. Let 2015 become your year to be fit, and tell all of your friends you didn’t need the personal trainer or gym to do it.