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Captiva CardioCore Ellipticals

Why is Yowza Captiva better than Smooth Agile DMT X2?

  Captiva Smooth Agile DMT X2
Rear Drive System
Self Pivoting Pedals
Adjustable Motion
Rampless Incline
Cardio Core Upper Body
iPod Docking Station
Built-in Speakers
Internet Price $1,899.00 $1,999.00

Customer Testimonials

I researched the Ellipticals like I was testing for a final exam... When i called the people at Yowza, they actually knew what they where selling... It does what they say it does plain and simple... I have lost about 10 lbs since started using the machine... It makes very little noise, nothing feels "cheap".. Overall, well worth the money.

Chris P.

Now I am motivated!!! What a high intensity workout! I love being able to change my stride on a whim and talk about the workout to my mid-section...Phew! I am looking forward to a stronger me!!! I am glad I went with the white glove delivery... missed the special though!

Marie G.

Review Smooth Agile DMT X2 & Captiva

These are the two best elliptical trainers on the market bar none! Both the X2 and the Captiva are using a multi-colored LCD display and offer such features as heart rate control, ipod docking station with built in speakers and a 3 speed fan on the console.

Smooth Fitness' X2 Agile Trainer (DMT) which was first offered in 2008 was the first elliptical on the market which allowed users to change and lengthen the elliptical motion. That X1 dynamic motion trainer (DMT) adjusts from 18" to only 21" as the ellipse pattern gets marginally more intense. The Yowza Captiva is a 2nd generation Variable Motion Elliptical(VME), and as such the Captiva adjusts from 18" to 32" even though the Captiva has a smaller footprint. It is that greater adjustment of the motion that produces an incredible "Rampless Incline" on the Yowza Captiva. Currently, Smooth Fitness is any incline at all on their machines.

This year Yowza has taken the Captiva elliptical to new heights by adding a patented new feature called Cardio Core upper body motion. Unlike the vertical ski pole arm movement featured on Smooth Fitness and all other brands, the Cardio Core motion mimics the human body's intuitive path of movement. Your arms will converge up and in with each stroke and your hands are positioned at a considerably more natural angle. In this position your body's ability to do work is greatly enhanced because the Captiva has a gearing system that automatically recruits the muscles of your core region while providing a greater level of calorie burn.

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