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Navarre CardioSure Ellipticals

Why is Yowza Sanibel better than Octane Q35c?

  Sanibel Octane Q35c
Rear Drive System
Self Pivoting Pedals
Rampless Incline
Cardio Core Upper Body
Trackless design
iPod Docking Station
Built-in Speakers
3 Speed Fan
Internet Price $1,599.00 $1,999.00

Customer Testimonials

Butt kicking workout

I cannot say enough about this Elliptical...I am 68 yrs. old and have worked up to 32 min. after starting at 15 min....the most surprising thing I noticed was that my usually aching back has disappeared because I am strengthening my muscles around my back was a great surprise and I actually look forward to my workouts....

Louis Martinez

Best Looking Elliptical

I looked at everything at Dicks sporting goods, looked at Life Fitness and Precor and think the Sanibel is as sturdy and well constructed as any of them. Add the ab exercise and the added features it is the best elliptical I have ever been on. Kudos Yowza!

Bob K

Review of the Octane Q35C Elliptical as compared to the Yowza Sanibel

Octane Fitness makes one of the better front drive ellipticals on the market, but that is like saying that Pringles makes one of the better synthetic potato chips. Front drive ellipticals like the Octane Q35c have two fatal flaws: First, they use a roller track that is fairly smooth out of the box, but then quickly gets clogged with dust and dirt and becomes a maintenance headache. Rear drive units Like the Yowza Sanibel tend to be smoother, longer lasting and easier on the joints than their front drive counterparts. The other problem with the Q35C and other front drive units is that they require the users to "push down" on the foot pedals, putting stress on the knees. The Sanibel propels the user's feet forward from the rear with it's silent "high inertia" drive system which is why the Sanibel is considerably smoother.

Another distinct advantage of the Sanibel is the Cardio Core upper body motion. Yowza has a Patented "Cardio Core" arm motion which uses the human body's natural intuitive path of motion in order to recruit the abdominal and various muscles of body's core region. Octane attempts to claim similar benefits but as you can see, their handles are just the typical ski pole design which provides little benefit in terms of toning, core training or proper biomechanics.

Although both machines have closely spaced pedals only the Sanibel has the patented Sure-fitĀ® self pivoting pedals which keep your heels from raising off of the pedal - preventing the numbing of the feet that can occur with flat pedals like the ones on the Q35C. Also, the Sanibel is equipped with "ramp-less incline" which provides more intensity to your workout and greater toning benefits for the glutes and thighs.

The Yowza Sanibel carries a lifetime warranty on the braking system and a full two year in-home service warranty which is about double that of the Q35C. Also, since Yowza sells direct and does not have to protect the high retail pricing of a dealer base, you will save about $500 over the Octane Q35C and still receive features not found on any Octane machine like: iPod docking station, hi fidelity speakers and a 3-speed fan.

Bottom line: Buy the Yowza Sanibel and save $500 over the inferior Octane Q35C.