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Captiva CardioCore Ellipticals

Why is Yowza Captiva better than Precor EFX 5.33?

  Captiva Precor EFX 5.33
Rear Drive System
Self Pivoting Pedals
Adjustable Motion
Rampless Incline
Cardio Core Upper Body
iPod Docking Station
Built-in Speakers
Internet Price $1,899.00 $4,199.00

Customer Testimonials

I researched the Ellipticals like I was testing for a final exam... When i called the people at Yowza, they actually knew what they where selling... It does what they say it does plain and simple... I have lost about 10 lbs since started using the machine... It makes very little noise, nothing feels "cheap".. Overall, well worth the money.

Chris P.

Now I am motivated!!! What a high intensity workout! I love being able to change my stride on a whim and talk about the workout to my mid-section...Phew! I am looking forward to a stronger me!!! I am glad I went with the white glove delivery... missed the special though!

Marie G.

Review of Precor 5.33 Elliptical as compared to the Yowza Captiva

Precor was the first manufacturer to come out with elliptical machines back in the mid 90's and today Precor is still selling variations of that original design. The Precor 5.33 elliptical has one great feature and that is a rear drive system. Rear drive units tend to be smoother, longer lasting and easier on the joints than their front drive counterparts which require the users to "push down" on the foot pedals, putting stress on the knees. The Yowza Captiva also uses a silent and smooth rear drive system and both machines are built to last. Although both machines carry an excellent warranty, Yowza takes the edge in that department offering a full two years in home service as well as a lifetime warranty on the drive system.

The 5.33 uses an incline ramp with an adjustment range of 15-30 degrees to increase the intensity of the workout and although effective, the ramp tends to become clogged with dust and dirt which can cause a bumpy ride. Yowza utilizes an adjustable "ramp-less incline" incline feature which takes the user from 0-40 degrees with the touch of a button. This "Variable Motion Elliptical" design by Yowza fitness also increases the stride length from 18" to a whopping 32" in length.

Another distinction between the two units is the Upper body workout design. Yowza has a Patented "Cardio Core" arm motion which uses the human body's natural intuitive path of motion in order to recruit the abdominal and various muscles of body's core region. Precor has nothing like this Cardio Core upper body motion and still uses the old fashioned ski-pole type handles which are not bio-mechanically correct.

Lastly, it is important to note that Precor has very high retail pricing due to their policy of protecting their dealer's mark-up. Therefore even the very basic 5.33 elliptical with similar specs to Yowza'a entry level units, still costs more than double the price of a fully loaded Yowza Captiva. Incredible? But why? Yowza sells it's products factory direct to the consumer, cutting out the middle men and dealers in the process.

Bottom line: The Yowza Captiva is a superior buy as compared to the Precor 5.33