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CardioCore EVO

All of the advantages of Yowza's CardioCore movement elliptical trainers without having to support 100% of your body weight but don't let that seat fool you. Like all of Yowza's trainers, fitness enthusiasts will get a superior cardio and strength workout depending on how much or how little resistance desired, and this machine electronically adjusts upper body vs. lower body concentration.

  • Find your ideal seat height to engage 50% of your upper body and 50% of your lower body. This will establish your base workout
  • Adjust the seat height up or down electronically on the fly to increase or decrease your upper or lower body workout
  • Alleviates 100% of the body weight on the legs
  • Great for those suffering from chronic conditions such as: diabetes, arthritis, sciatica, planter fasciitis, etc..
  • Also good for people recovering from lower body injuries or with hip or joint replacements.
  • Provides a superior upper body workout when adjusted to engage 60% - 80% of your upper body. There is no other exercise machine on the market that offers this variable motion and intensity for the arms and shoulders.
  • Get the benefits of an elliptical CardioCore workout without all of the weight on the legs and joints!