Many opinions vary on whether it is better to run inside or outside. Outside, you can experience some nice scenery, beautiful weather, and natural wind resistance – well, most of the time. More and more studies are showing that moving your running workout indoors may actually be more beneficial to you. Here are just 6 reasons for you to finally be able to run inside the house.

1. Always weather-permitting

A little rain never hurt anybody, right? Depending on where you live, weather conditions can be a huge deterrent on your running routine. Snow or ice lead to slippery running conditions, and severe heat can lead to dehydration and exhaustion. 
Treadmill plus: You can control the temperature inside your own home, and ice can never form on your running belt.

2. Not to sound like your mother but – safety first

Let’s be slightly pessimistic for one phrase: bad things happen, especially outside in the dark. No matter what neighborhood you live in, running outside, alone, can be dangerous. Most runners tend to go out early in the morning, or later at night. And in the winter months, it gets darker earlier and lighter later. It makes sense, with our crazy schedules, to only have an extra hour to ourselves at these times. But why risk the safety factor? 
Treadmill benefit: You don’t even have to leave your own home, and can workout at any time, still feeling safe and sound.

3. Water intake

Dehydration can be very serious – especially when you’ve run so far from home without a water bottle. Not only that, but I know from personal experience that carrying a water bottle while you run is such a pain. I leave my apartment with keys in one hand and my cell phone strapped to my opposite arm; I’m geared up enough, as it is, that the last thing I want to carry is a water bottle. 
Treadmill benefit: Most treadmills come standard with cup holders

4. Creating your own workout

A lot of times, you go outside without mapping out a route, or your cell phone is on low battery and you can’t bring up a running app to track your progress. Let’s jump right to the: Treadmill benefit: Many treadmills now come with programs to help you to personalize and create your own workouts. For example, the Yowza Daytona Plus comes with a program called myLiveLight, which designs a workout based upon your height, weight, and tracked progress, and allows you to share your activity and results on Facebook. Because, nowadays, who doesn’t want to show off their workouts?

5. Easier on the body

Although terrains may vary from place to place, one thing for sure is that is it unpredictable what you could be running on outside. From smooth concrete, to uneven pavements, to brick, to grass, to dirt, some of these surfaces can be straining on your legs, especially your hamstrings. Treadmill benefit: Treadmills provide consistency and more ease on your muscles. It’s unlikely that you will trip on your running belt (but if you do, don’t worry – we’ve all been there). Not only that, but Yowza's non-folding treadmills include a Swing-Arm cushioning system to release added stress on your joints, back and muscles. The results? A 24% increase in how many calories you burn in a workout. Not too shabby.

And last, but not least:

6. You get to stay home

Sometimes it’s hard enough to get out of bed in the morning, especially to get changed and go outside for a workout. It can be even harder to do anything but go right to bed at night. 
Treadmill benefit: With a treadmill right in your living room waiting for you, you’d find it hard not to do a quick run. Need we say more?

Call it easy motivation.