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  • What are CardioCore Ellipticals?

    CardioCore ellipticals are the next generation in ellipticals from a form and workout standpoint. The CardioCore handlebars were designed with a path of motion that engages your core. You core is everything below the bottom of your sternum and all the way around to the back. This motion will target your abdominals, the lats and serratus in your back. The advantage to this motion is not just core training, you also will get a better workout in your arms as well. Added to all of this is the fact that the motion itself is less invasive than a standard elliptical handlebar motion, there is no twisting of the spine which means you can focus on targeting your muscles better and not worry about it being bad for your spine.Comfort and a better workout are what set a CardioCore machine apart from the competition! For a list of CardioCore models click here: Yowza CardioCore

  • What are CardioSure Ellipticals?

    CardioSure ellipticals are Yowzas version of a traditional motion elliptical like most users will see in a store or gym. This handlebar motion is your typical ski style motion with the push/pull feel. For those who aren't looking at CardioCore models but want all of the benefits a Yowza elliptical can offer, these are the machines for you. While the workout of the upper body is not as good as a CardioCore machine you can expect a great cardio workout no matter what, plus still have all of the comfort found in Yowza ellipticals. For a list of our CardioSure ellipticals click here: Yowza CardioSure

  • Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

    AK and HI customers: Yowza will offer free delivery to the port of your choice ie: Long Beach, Seattle etc. Customer will be responsible to arrange the delivery to the final destination via a freight forwarder or some other means.

  • Can I schedule my time for delivery?

    Yes you can. Our delivery partner will call you to schedule a 4 hour window which will be on M-F between 9am to 5pm, so that you can be home to accept delivery. In some areas deliveries are limited to certain days of the week.

  • What if I need support?

    Call 877-969-9240 option #2 to report your support issue or check on the status of a parts order. Yowza's customer support dept. is open 9-5 M-F EST. To report a service issue on the off hours please click here to send us an email.

  • What information do you need for a service request?

    The most important thing we need is your serial number which is located on the bottom rear end of the unit and your date of purchase along with a daytime and evening phone number and an email address.

  • Who is Yowza Fitness?

    Yowza is the industry’s leading direct-to-consumer manufacturer of high end fitness equipment. Based in Ft. Myers, FL, Yowza Fitness® designs all of our equipment in our industrial design headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida. In addition, we are one of just a very few manufacturers who owns our own factories and therefore our quality is un-paralleled.

  • Are Yowza Fitness products available in stores?

    We do have select dealers in NY, IL and Toronto, Canada. Please visit our Retail Partners Page here: Retail Partners

  • Do you charge a sales tax?

    Yowza does not charge any sales tax except if your products are delivered to Florida. Canadian Customers will be charged both the PST and GST tax.

  • Is my warranty good outside of the US?

    The Yowza Fitness® warranty is good in the US and Canada only.

  • Weekend Delivery?

    No. Deliveries are made Monday – Friday, any exceptions are up to the shipper and shipper only. Yowza Fitness makes no guarantee.

  • Tracking numbers?

    All shipments will be assigned tracking numbers. Customer will receive an email once a product has shipped with tracking information.

  • When will my order arrive?

    Typical delivery time is 5-7 business days from the shipping day. Room of Choice and Assembly shipments will be about 7-10 business days. Yowza Fitness cannot guarantee a delivery day or time. All delivery scheduling is subject to the shipper and customer agreeing on delivery day and time.

  • Assembling product?

    Typical assembly of Yowza ellipticals will take about 1-2 hours depending on the unit purchased. For Yowza Treadmills you can expect about a 30 minute – 1 hour assembly time. All units come with instructions and tools are provided. Should you desire to have the machine assembled after delivery Yowza can offer assembly services.

  • Assembly videos?

    Please click on this link to view current assembly videos: Assembly/Tune Up Videos

  • Getting printed user's manuals?

    User manuals are provided with the machine in the box. You can also download all manuals from this link: Product Manuals

  • Order status?

    All customer will receive emails once the order is placed, billed and shipped. If you have any questions please call 877-969-9240.

  • Product registration?

    All products, ordered directly from Yowza Fitness, are automatically registered for warranty once the order is placed. Orders placed through authorized 3rd parties must be registered.

  • Warranty terms and conidtions?

    As this can vary by model, please see your owner’s manual for your models specific warranty.

  • Extending my warranty?

    Yowza does offer the ability to extend your warranty at the time of purchase. Please call 877-969-9240 option 1. Extended warranties are not available for units already purchased.

  • Payment options?

    Yowza accepts all major credits as well as PayPal and Synchrony Finance. You can learn more about our financing options by visiting:Financing

  • What are the benefits of buying direct?
  • How long has Yowza been in the business?

    Yowza has been in business since 2009.

  • What machine is best if I am just starting walking? Running?

    Depending on your preference either a treadmill or elliptical would be suitable for either walking or running. If you are a jogger by heart then a treadmill will most likely be the perfect machine for you. Those that require less pounding and need assistance would lean toward an elliptical.

  • I am older, should I be concerned about my knees? Ankles? Other joints?

    You should always be concerned about your joints when exercising. Make sure you purchase equipment based on your body’s capabilities.

    If you purchase a treadmill be on the lookout for advanced cushioning like Yowza Swing-Arm technology which is designed to reduce impact on the joints by up to 24% which also allows you to workout longer.

    If you are looking for an elliptical you want to look for articulating pedals like Yowza SUREfit pedal design which reduces numbness in the foot and knee shear in the knee. There are more advantages to buying a Yowza machine. See our buying guides for more info.

    Treadmill Buying Guide: Treadmills

    Elliptical Buying Guide: Elliipticals

  • How are products serviced in the marketplace?

    Yowza has a network of technicians in the US and Canada. We can have a service technician come to your house for all repairs.

  • What burns more calories, a treadmill or an elliptical machine?

    This has been an ongoing debate in the industry. Typically a treadmill will burn more calories because of the constant impact and force your body exerts during jogging/running.

    However, because of the elliptical having little to no impact on the body you can workout for longer durations which can burn the same if not more calories.

  • What is covererd under the warranty?

    Please use this link for information: Warranty

  • Who is covererd under the warranty?

    All warranties are provided to the original purchaser of the unit. Those who have purchased a used Yowza machine will not be covered.

  • Why do I need a 15 or 20 amp dedicated circuit?

    The NEC (National Electrical Code) states you are only allowed to use up-to 80% of a breakers capacity. On a 15 AMP breaker that is 12 AMPS and on a 20 AMP breaker that is 16 AMPS. Since our equipment can draw up-to 15 AMPS using a dedicated 20 AMP circuit is recommended.

  • Whats the difference between front drive and rear drive elliptical machines?

    The biggest difference between front and rear drive ellipticals is the location of the unit’s flywheel. One of the biggest advantages of a rear-drive elliptical is less moving parts. In a front-drive elliptical the flywheel is located at the front of the equipment. This design forces the elliptical to use rails for its pedal arms. These pedal arms will require wheels to glide up/down the rails when in use and the wheels will require bearings. By the very nature of this design front drive ellipticals have substantially more moving parts when compared to rear-drive models. The more moving parts you have the higher the likely hood of those parts failing and requiring service.

  • What stride length should I pick and is it important?

    Please use this link for information: Warranty Depending on your height you want to find a stride that is comfortable for your normal stride. Most users between 5’2 and 6’5 will find 18-22 inches is a good starting point. Adding more stride, similar to incline, changes the muscle groups getting the most burn. Yowzas adjustable stride elliptical work with the incline at the same time. So if you adjust one you are also adjusting the other. We do this because you want an intuitive path, if you simply increased stride the machine would be impossible to use effectively.

  • Why having an incline is important?

    Incline allows you to change the muscle groups getting the most out of the workout. The higher the incline the more you move the focus to your quads and glutes. So adjusting gives you the freedom of targeting the areas you want to change the most.

  • What is electro magnetic resistance?

    Also known as eddy current resistance, is used on today’s high-end elliptical trainers. This resistance system is comprised of a large magnet mounted near the flywheel. When the user increases resistance the system will increase the electrical current through the magnet, which increases the electro-magnetic field and applies more resistance on the flywheel. Conversely, when the user decreases resistance, the system will decrease the current which applies less resistance on the flywheel. This setup has no moving parts & is considered to be the best in the industry.

  • I'm over 6' tall... what should I look for?

    Any of our adjustable stride/incline ellipticals would fit with no issue. On the treadmill side you will want to look for at least a 55” inch bet if you are walking or 60” belt if you are running.

  • What is the max userweight of your treadmills? Ellipticals?

    Max user weight will vary by model. However, our ellipticals and treadmills can operate comfortably with a user weight of up-to 400 lbs.

  • I see Amazon sells your machines. Who else sells them and who should I buy from?

    You will always receive the best price when ordering directly through Yowza Fitness. Some other retailers may have a lower list price but will not include promotional items like free assembly (a $299 value). Or they will add shipping and/or taxes, whereas we do not (expect for FL addresses will need to pay taxes, Canadian orders will need to pay taxes & duties). We will gladly price match any of the other current prices you find, that will remove any promotional give away from the order though.

  • Can our equipment be used outside or in a garage?

    Ideally you will want to keep your equipment in a climate controlled environment. After all it is an investment that you will want to keep forever. However, you can use our equipment outside as long as it is not directly exposed to the elements. If you decide to store your equipment outside you will want to make sure you stay diligent with your maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your equipment. Keep all moving parts free from debris and electronics clear of moisture.

  • What are the differences between commercial and home equipment?

    Commercial equipment is tested to be used for long periods of time by multiple users each day. Residential equipment is tested to be used my multiple users but not as long per day as commercial.

  • To burn the most calories, is it better to go faster or increase the resistance?

    Burning calories will depend on the individual. There are many factors that go into caloric burn such as age, sex, weight and height. However, a typical HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts will give you the most caloric/fat burning bang for your time. A typical HIIT beginners workout will be 15 minutes. You will do 1 minute of normal pace and then 1 minute fast, alternating between fast and slow each minute. As you progress you will cut down your rest/slow time. Typical HIIT workout lovers will do 20 seconds slow/rest speed and 1-2 minutes fast. You can add resistance or incline to your treadmill or elliptical depending on the equipment you have to add more of a challenge and target different muscles. Always consult your physician before beginning any workout or exercise program to make sure your body can perform to the level required.